Sagecreek  Bible Church



We have the unparalleled opportunity, the open door, to offer anyone possible, the only answer to their eternal salvation.  Furthermore, we have, and intend to take, the opportunity to offer sound biblical training for each one to become a champion for Christ.

We envision a full doctrinal, character and ministry development curriculum designed to produce world-changing leaders for the Body of Christ.  Men and women around us know how to, and many do, attend church.  They already know how to read their Bibles, and possibly use devotional booklets.  They know how to participate in worship.

What they may not know is how to REPRODUCE.  The model we have is based on 2 Timothy 2; 2, where Paul told his spiritual son Timothy, “And the things you have heard of me among many witnesses, the same you commit to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” 

As commendable as it is, we are not merely working to see folks lead relatively moral lives.  We are not even merely working to see them become faithful church and good family members.  We are working to see them become the “shock troops” for the Kingdom of Christ to be used to fulfill the Great Commission and turn the world upside down.

As we see it, we are only limited by the will and power of God.  We know that He is Omnipotent, and we know it is His will that we evangelize the world and make disciples.

The method?  REPRODUCTION.  Reproduction involves long term, Timothy-Paul type relationships, where we pour our lives into those that respond to the Word of God.  It is our vision and passion, as we spread the Gospel, to communicate sound, systematic Bible doctrine (2 Timothy 2:15), train others in character development through the Mentor-Mentee relationship (Philippians 2:22), and prepare these heroes of the faith for ministry, as they develop their spiritual gifts (2 Timothy 3:10).